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MAESTRO-72A / 80A / 102II

MAESTRO-80A / 880×550mm
MAESTRO-102AII / 1,050×750mm

Model MS72A MS80A MS102AII
Max. stock size (mm) 720 X 520 800 X 550 1,050 X 750
Min. stock size (mm) 350 X 270 350 X 270 420 X 297
A3size in center feeding
Max. print size (mm) 720 X 500 770 X 500 1,050 X 730
Running speed (IPH) 800 - 3,600 400 - 3,600 800 - 4,000
Front pick-up
400 - 3,000
Stock thickness(mm) 0.05 - 0.5 0.05 - 0.8 0.075 - 0.8
External frame size (mm) 880 X 880 930 X 880 1,280 X 1,140
1,300 X 1,170
Dimensions(D x W x H)(mm) 2,968 X 1,940 X 1,170 2,968 X 2,600 X 1,170 3,816 X 3,080 X 1,199
Weight (kg) 3,270 3,350 4,300
Power (kW) 5.9 5.9 9.5

Standard Equipment
Rear pick-up feeder
Pull/push convertible side lays (with detecting sensor)
Cylinder built-in front lay sensor
Side lay sensor
Screen frame pneumatic lock clamp
Screen frame pull-out device
Temporary stop quick adjustment device
Rebound stopper (Feeder / delivery side)
Embossing finish stainless plate in feed board
Suction feed belt
Delivery board lowering system
Optional Equipment
Front pick-up feeder
Dripless squeegee
Remote control squeegee/flood-coater
Anti-static devices
Ultra sonic double sheet detector
Cleaning roller unit
Cross over stand
Ink-supply device
Movable rebound stopper (delivery side)
High pile version

Remarkable Features-options incl.
Sakurai's original rear pick-up feeder, with technology taken from the offset Press, ensures stable and smooth feeding of various types of substrate.
Dependant on the substrate, overlapped (stream) or single sheet (universal) fed can be selected easily. A front pick up feeder is also available and can be used for stable feeding of film and other substrates.  
The press allows a large variety of print substrate to be handled as the feed board Surface is designed to minimize scratching and static electricity build up during the transport of the substrate. It is ideally suited for printing graphics, packaging, labels, ceramic transfers, membranes, film printing, and much more.
The squeegee and flood-coater are driven by individual cams, and a two-step action cam helps reduce the squeegee shock onto the screen mesh. Due to the positive down cam action, the printing pressure is evenly applied to the cylinder continuously, resulting in sharp dot reproduction and perfect solid printing.
The screen frame can be unlocked and pulled out to the delivery end of the press so that feed position of substrate can be checked, readjusted and corrected.
There is no need for registration adjustment as it will return to the same Position when the screen frame is returned to the print position.
The delivery board can be lowered at 90 degree to allow easy access to the screen mesh for cleaning or to the squeegee and front coater for fixing and unfixing.
The delivery belts are 280mm wide and transport the substrate straight and true.